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OPEN DAILY 10am — 5pm, 3 June — 29 July

Panizzi Gallery, UOW Library

Building 16, Northfields Ave, Wollongong

Blaze: Working Women, Public Leaders is an exhibition produced by NSW State Archives. This exhibition engages with findings around the significant leadership gap that continues to exist between women and men in public life.

Official launch

1:45pm Wednesday 12 June, Panizzi Gallery

Launch Registration

MC'd by Director Library Services Margie Jantti, the official launch will include special presentations by Dr Frances Laneyrie, NSW State Archives Director Collections, Access & Engagement Martyn Killion, and Senior Curator Dr Penny Stannard.

Dr. Frances Laneyrie worked in the Department of Management at UOW between 1991-2005 and AUT University in New Zealand between 2005-2012, specialising in teaching subjects of leadership and gender. During this time her key area of research focused on how popular social narratives contributed to the ways we represent woman.

Martyn Killion has had an association with NSW State Archives for over 40 years and currently leads the organisation’s collections, engagement and access initiatives. Martyn has also worked at Create NSW in policy and infrastructure areas as well as the State Library of NSW.

Dr Penelope (Penny) Stannard is the Senior Curator, Exhibitions at NSW State Archives. Penny has carved out a multi-faceted career over the past 25 years as a curator, arts manager, educator, researcher and public policy maker. She has worked in the community, creative industries, government and education sectors in a range of roles that have at their core, public and stakeholder engagement through contemporary cultural practices and cultural material.