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      OZ Sydney 08
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      All About
      ozOZ is published by OZ Pub-
      lications Ink Limited, 16 Hunter
      Street, Sy d n e y .’ BW 4197:
      XM 1448.

      * OZ is not sponsored by any
      institution, organisation[...]genuinely independent maga-
      zine in Australia.

      * OZ needs contributors. Please
      send manuscripts or artwork to
      the above address.

      * OZ’wil| now appear on the
      first of every month. It[...]ity newsagents._ Col-
      lins Book Depot distributes OZ
      in Melbourne; "Mary Martin's
      Bookshop sells OZ in Adelaide.

      * The price for a subscription
      has[...]plete the
      coupon in this issue.

      * Back copies of OZ are avail-’

      able fora shilling each — issues[...]hed
      »l0,000. Advertising‘ rates are
      cheap, and OZ's classified
      column is l5/-, but keep it brief.[...]GEORGE JOHNSTON, “the

      oz, April 3 I’

      [...]r Cal/I(ell_when he
      was Minister for Immigration (OZ,
      March, p. 9). Many of them were hardly
      more than[...]terature. Before the exam I
      was reading a copy of OZ. The exam.
      paper asked us to take a book_ that
      we had read and write an appreciation
      of it. ‘

      OZ was my only chance. I’rn_ sure

      . su
      :| I enclose 10/- for 6 months supply.
      of OZ. (Tick relevant square.)

      ,BC1Ci< copies: issues No. 2-7, l/-

      Send to OZ,

      Street, Sydney.

      4 OZ, April

      each. lo Hunter

      you would like me to bul[...]DALE,
      Coogee, N.S.W.

      Well, Im still reading OZ, although

      . I certainly won’t write any more articles

      for you.

      What disgusts me about OZ is your
      stupid tilting at authority, as evidenced[...]nsequent need to “let off
      steam.” This is why OZ will not be
      around long, because once you’ real[...]u feel.

      I’ve got nothing at all against you or
      OZ. There is nothing wrong with satire,

      but you mus[...]yours,

      Sir, “M
      Congratulations on OZ No 7. It had

      ’the ingredients of a cleverly co[...]ety. This is the form one has come
      to expect from OZ, as against No 6,
      which rather detracted from the usual
      OZ standard.

      Anyone is capable of writing in a
      crud[...]m everyday
      things and I feel it is in this field OZ

      It is a shame to see such lengthy‘
      b[...]doubt .this
      was intentional, in order to promote
      OZ publicity and bring the name 02
      into many[...]
      [...]a socialist government,

      OZ, April 5
      [...]ewsagent informed us
      that you stole 140 issues of OZ from

      his, shop.

      We appreciate your inter[...]
      [...]limate. What less people under-
      stand is WHY?
      OZ now discusses the question of
      censorship and its[...]nior tutor in the Sociology Depart-
      ’ment. _
      7 OZ: Why is» the sport of censorship
      -more popular h[...]d individualism~we are
      ~ 4-forced to conform.
      OZ: This conformity may lead some
      to accept censorsh[...]our peculiar blend of Aus-
      tralian Puritanisrn.

      OZ: Are there any other explana-

      Brown: Yes.[...]g—but in a car dragging
      the inevitable family.

      OZ: Is there any correlation between
      members of diff[...]§EfiH;H;§§§5§555'iHiH;H'l.$

      These are the OZ’s that the Vice-Squad burned

      rln a dramatic[...]newsagency, seized, then
      A 7 burnt 140 copies of OZ No. 6.
      ‘ ' This sizzling event symbolised the o[...]s-
      couraging other newsagents from dis-
      tributing OZ.

      Keep up the good work, fellas. Soon
      everyone wi[...]e; she is always aware of her
      peculiar prestige.

      OZ: How long will this puritanical
      outlook persist?[...]d the ham-
      bone, and (with ct sly burn-
      ing) mode OZ 0 household

      Remember, YOU complain,
      WE seize, the PRESS publicises,
      oncl SALES socir.

      OZ, April 9

      [...]papers, he managed to appear in every
      one except OZ, which he now does.

      to U Thant, biggest wh'ee[...].l_ A croap MAN WHEN

      . ONE. :.

      10 OZ, April


      Traditionally Easter is celebrate[...]s. Amongst
      this month’s crop of Easter bunnies, OZ has selected the following for blue-

      [...]lished in any Australian student newspaper, 1964.
      OZ editors will make the selection and the winning entry will be
      published in the Christmas issue of OZ. Every satirical item pub-
      lished automati[...]
      OZ readers who want
      to regain their zip and go. SMC[...]We pay relum postage

      Lind interstate exchange.

      oz, April . 13
      [...]ly arranged
      is an appreciation of their merits by OZ
      connoimeurs; now you have to match the

      descripti[...]ch; if
      you drive, park in Barrenioey

      14 OZ, April

      b. Bob Hughes Capri White.

      c. Eri[...]


      oz Special
      N o.
      [...]elene Quill. I am a | Keeping up |

      [...]OZ. T here is nothing w rong with satire,[...]
      [...]ITS ieN m t HbHTy
      that you stole 140 issues of OZ from
      his shop.

      We appreciate your i[...]
      [...]English Protestants, which perhaps
      OZ now discusses the question of accounts fo[...]from the University of New South OZ: Are there any other explana etc. W hat'[...]s. the goldfields for instance) and com
      * OZ: Why is the sport of censorship[...]tant to forsake their suburban cottages OZ: How long will this puritanical
      a greater de[...]forced to conform. OZ: Is there any correlation between Brown: Except when the conflict
      OZ: This conformity may lead some members of[...]d v a n ta g e o f the Vice-
      burnt 140 copies of OZ N o. 6. who was asked to "show c[...]l Gestapo and our very own tributing OZ.
      men in uniform. It had all the ingredi[...]ing) m ade OZ a household[...]
      OZ EASTER BUNNIES[...]this month's crop o f Easter bunnies, OZ has selected the following for blue-[...]papers, he managed to appear in every
      one except OZ, which he now does.[...]clinations preferred. Contact `Hover-Craft',
      c/- OZ, 16 Hunter Street, Sydney.

      ^ O M E copi[...]
      [...]g e 1894.
      is an appreciation o f their merits by OZ e. Little P attie Baby B u b b ly. V in[...]


      OZ Publications Ink Ltd., Sydney
      Oz Magazine, Sydney 1964
      Oz Sydney