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      OZ London 38
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      [...]ce again the dregs of society en-

      And now.....OZ 38

      This issue of 02 has been brought
      to you by t[...]urces before reprinting.
      Printed and published by OZ
      Publications Ink Ltd..

      acceptance of t[...]
      r’,_,,_,.—»’ —’ P‘ ‘ I - 1 Z The oz 0bsceniZty—'l‘rial at the Old
      , _, g ‘l Bai[...]tion “ i
      l with two of the (ex-) editors of ‘
      OZ, James Anderson and Felix
      Dennis, here is the ins[...]land Yard, or mail ’
      order direct from INK and

      OZ. Price: 50p. Percentage

      of profits to the OZ Appeal
      [...]Mail Order,

      52 Princedale Road,
      London W11 4NL.

      OZ Badges
      1 Original Beautiful Freak Badge
      10p + 4p[...]Richard Brautigan
      (Import) £1.10 + 8p p and p.

      OZ T-Shirts

      9 Robert Crumb's Honeybunch
      Pink and Br[...]on Orange

      11 Three Virgins — Blue on Pink.
      12 OZ Special — Black and Red
      on Purple.

      13 OZ Pregnant Elephant —

      Blue and Red on Yellow.

      16 Three Virgins — Blue on Pink.
      17 OZ Special — Red and Black
      on Mauve.

      18 OZ Pregnant Elephant — Blue
      and Red on Yellow.

      Ve[...]— Fingerlickin Good.
      02 19 — Groupie Special.
      OZ 20- Hells Angels Hype.
      O2 24 — Beautiful Freaks[...]n subscribers please send £3.00 (7 US

      OZ Subscription Department,
      52 Princedale Road,
      Lond[...]te size: Large, Med., Small.

      Back Issues: 02 18, OZ 19, O2 20, O2 24.
      [...]o come
      there from Paris to help you publicize the
      OZ trial? You know I entered at great risk
      and later[...]edible.

      This whole affair is not In be believed.
      OZ has given birth to the biggest put-on
      since Paul[...]ending someone over here to examine
      the evidence, OZ too would have some
      second thoughts on the immora[...]eems to be not to pay
      writers or cartoonists, ie, OZ has
      never,1o my knowledge, paid any
      US wri[...]
      I . l
      t;heg'r‘@ all DOZOE3
      Ifl CH8 OZ


      And now OZ 38 We thank all those who've lent a Nothing in OZ is copyright. Just
      This issue of OZ has been brought hand, especially the[...]Printed and published by OZ[...]
      [...]is use OZ 28 Schoolkids
      one, some poor fall guy, ha[...]
      > ~ '-r

      fo B R B R H ijr ^ Dear OZ, ing at a[...]ou in
      are disgusting. I read OZ 34 from any way. I f young p[...]
      [...]ind' and John Coleman
      dred copies o f OZ in ju st over an see many times. A[...]
      i dink
      dieyre all
      in this oz


      OZ Publications Ink Limited, London
      OZ magazine, London 1971
      Oz London