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      OZ London 29
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      Welcome to Cuntpower OZ.
      This issue comes to you despite Scotland Yard’[...]ings from men. Rejecting that workshop mentality, OZ argues that if anything will free women, i[...]
      [...]mit contributions to Jim Anderson c/o

      OZ 2‘). . .July 1970.

      02 is published by OZ Publications Ink Ltd.
      52 Princedale Rd. London. w[...]: Contact Felix Dennis
      at 01 -727 456

      Printed by OZ Publications lnk Ltd.

      Distribution: Moore-Harnes[...]g a whole
      underpant, or even a pair of trousers.

      OZ Needlework Correspondent.

      OZ is a member of UPS (Under
      ground Press Syn[...]
      Dear OZ,

      Every time I pick up ‘OZ’,
      ’Rolling Stone’, ‘I.T.', 'Friends',
      etc[...]you some re-
      spect for British Traditions.

      Dear OZ,

      Helplll I need it. I've been‘
      busted l[...]
      [...]Dear OZ, — . _§

      With reference to the letter -[...]
      OZ BUST


      PORNO GA[...]rom the
      print shop to the court room. Follow-
      ing OZ 28, the press and the police
      seemed to have joine[...]ur prod-

      Obscenity Squad swoop: on OZ 0 ffice

      It has been suggested that 02 dir[...]

      But molfc. about ink in. the next 'OZ.'
      Mcarrwhilev; anyone ‘who -wants to
      - -help—[...]..‘wer‘e-s«D_ld.fThe print -run_ for the‘
      OZ has be_en increased to'
      .3D,'00Q'.making us easil[...]rse) could be invaluable to
      him. Write to him c/o OZ_.

      Nik and Mac are trying to get BLACK
      MARIGOLD m[...]e 5
      lfublieations division who-are regular 2 - '

      OZ readers. Detective inspector Robin . .. ‘
      Cons[...]It contains alibel threat. ' ‘ ‘ ‘

      “The OZ pé_o le just paid you to"use
      your name. ou didnt[...]p abreast, of the sccret.circvJs' with
      Australian OZ, newsletter, Box H143,‘
      Australia Square, N.S.W[...]Princcdale -
      Road. ' ’

      One schoolboy editor of OZ 28 has _ " _
      bccnyquestioncd at g_hom_e by[...]
      [...]send~:gir. in

      - Bow ST-TlJDl‘»G)-OZ, Box ”465‘44,—
      * fiillwilood. caitiqmu $'Q[...]WAS €4.~
      NOW SLASHED A-<a.Ai~ T0
      25/~., wEsa's (oz) 79 Rose-
      S.A.E. FOR DETAILS: Dept. OZ,
      KEY BOOKS, P.O. Box 226, Man-
      chester M60[...]
      31 end the one end anlypepe 41.

      Sum(,: nbulo OZ
      [...]e to do 50.

      Dear 02,

      The school kids iflfl of OZ was
      just like smelling I flower. Fresh
      and just[...]een
      rI'linIt'mg about exams, I will lift
      it outof OZ and use it.

      love ACPAY

      Dear 02,

      Your last issu[...]creased liberty
      should not be so wantonly abused.
      OZ‘: impudent anti-art is a pro-
      vocation t[...]


      [...]Welcome to Cuntpower OZ.
      This issue[...]fices, confiscating files, correspondence, unsold OZ
      28s and just about everything necessary to keep OZ going. But we're back, a month late, with an issu[...]oppression by one of the other. However OZ does
      not reflect t[...]ings from men. Rejecting that workshop mentality, OZ argues that if anything will free women, i[...]
      [...]WITH PLAYCLOTHES OZ 29...July 1970. Artists[...]OZ is published by OZ Publications Ink Ltd. should submit contribution[...]52 Princedale Rd. London. W.11. OZ offices.[...]The contents of OZ are not copyright. They may be
      Anchor Soft[...]'s little black dress, or even Printed by OZ Publications Ink Ltd.[...]OZ is a member of UPS (Under[...]
      Dear Sir, Dear OZ, Dear Sir,
      It has c[...]e that a Every time Ipick up 'OZ',
      disgusting and pornographic pub-[...]We were horrified to read your
      lication called OZ is being mailed 'Rolling Stone', 'I.T[...]the other degradedpronography Dear OZ,[...]
      Dear OZ, lence. The father[...]Just received OZ 26, many Thomas Paine nor Thomas Jeffer-[...]spond, am Iright? O.K., I'm Dear OZ,[...]ment. My pen won't move fast tion of OZ.

      eno[...]t new members. they don't like OZ, they don't have[...]

      OZ BUST[...]OZ 30 will be later than usual. Every- As they en[...]ious-looking herb into the audience of
      OZ Crime Reporter OZ. young GIs.[...]tributors. send us reports. (Pot Trail OZ, 52 non-hallucinatorygrass of Thailand[...]scan Dave Fleming ison
      Sincetheninterfering with OZ has become anationalsport. Veteran[...]ve index of the "alternative
      the courage to take OZ to court. It is[...]55057.... Another useful reference
      ing OZ 28, the press and the police[...]Missouri 64141) which claims to have
      Kids OZ "crude, nasty, erotic and in[...]nt than some of the Obscenity Squad swoops on OZ office[...]the Underground; to defend
      which will urge that OZ be prosecuted love, Jeff Beck and Rupert Dan[...]t with new ways of living--and being
      that OZ 28was "aimed at children". victimised for[...]t
      (The editorship was offered to any- it. OZ corrupts minors. We just hope it
      one unde[...]
      [...]Although launched by OZ, Ink news Ulli Sellmann,astudent social-[...]ted with drugs, both addictive and OZ readers. Detective Inspector Robin
      they get. Ve[...]bution manager, ii ad- him. Write to him c/o OZ. One school boy editor of OZ 28 has[...]seek your help, contributions, ideas, "The OZ people just paid you to use[...]
      [...]c- Ican mend ANYTHING (almost). (Dept. OZ.) 13 Hallfield Road,
      ads. As from next[...]
      Dear OZ, Dearest OZ,[...]The sad thing about OZ is three years ago, when stil[...]


      OZ Publications Ink Limited, London
      OZ magazine, London 1970
      Oz London